The spark that brought 5 a side football to where it is.

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Every Revolution Starts with a Spark

Legends 5, The first competition of Openfoot (2017) and the first ever private Five a side league cup in Mauritius. It was a wonderful tournament consisting of 20 different teams# Live coverage for every single match# Articles after every distinct match day covering how well collectively teams were performing and differences that individualities were bringing to the positioning of their teams on the online league standings # 2 groups consisting of 10 teams each# Teams and players that never had such a coverage# Best scorer rewards# Best Player rewards#Rs50,000 to the winner.

Legends 5 was officially the first private league organised in Mauritius where each team were guaranteed of a minimum of 5 hours play. Bringing football on Astroturf at only a Rs100 hourly per player in order to enjoy all of the above mentioned. It was the start of the new face 5 aside football holds at present on our Island.

With Catalan taking over Madrid on the final after an undefeated run, legends 5 together with the help of all the participants, who trained hard in order to bring the game to such a pinnacle, was decisive in what this game offers nowadays on national level. Openfoot helped enormously by giving every 5 aside footballers the opportunity of training on the best quality Astroturf at the cheapest ever rate. A staggering growth of over 500 teams within a few months over the island, Openfoot allowed us to fight for a spot representing our country on the highest possible level.

‘If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world.’ – Elain S.Dalton

The growth within the sport, led to more and more private Astroturf inauguration all over the island. Inspired by this amazing Legends 5 league Cup, 5- aside football are now livestreamed via Facebook by multiple football outlets. Tournaments are being organised all over the island, with projects of having even more 5-aside pitches. Perception of this game changed. Players are training harder and harder. Mauritians start believing in this game again. We are rediscovering passion for the game. Fans are travelling or following together with their respective team.

‘Each one of us can make a difference. Together, we make change’. Barbara Mikulski

The beginning of the era where Mauritius could be the next world 5 a side football champion is now at our reach. #F5WC It’s Anyone Game

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Thanks to Beelal Banharally for this write up.

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