Football 5’s World Championship Qualifiers in Mauritius

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After an amazing start, with the qualifying stages of the Legend 5 just over, Openfoot has the pleasure of bringing a wonder in the life of all Mauritians who ever dreamed of representing our nation. With the level of football that our 20 participants brought down on the pitch, and the
sensational organisation of the current tournament, F5WC showed interest to our nation and gave Openfoot the opportunity of holding the qualifiers for The World Cup of Football 5, here in our motherland.

The F5WC is the world’s largest amateur 5 a side football tournament. The inaugural tournament in 2014 was held in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Centre contested between 32 nations with Denmark winning the very first edition. Morocco claimed the 2015 title with a win over Spain on penalties. Colombia won the latest edition and hopefully by next year Mauritius should be the one challenging those big names.

The qualifiers for the tournament would start off early next year, bringing the winner of the
competition to Asia, in order to represent Mauritius in the final stages, where a total of 32 countries
would be set to make a difference. This competition is open to every football amateur and
registration would start off as soon as the current tournament is over. Openfoot is looking to hold
different competitions in different parts of the island in order to make sure that the very best, gets
to represent the country. Contact Openfoot for further information or stay connected with us via
facebook in order for you to not miss this chance of representing Mauritius in the World Cup Final.

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