Clash Of The TiTans

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Madrid, originally favorites for this beautiful game, suffered a shock defeat over Catalan. The
game was surprisingly a one sided game. Anas Atchia, Catalan’s top striker, used the match
as the platform sending him to the top of the scorer board. Catalan adopted a very discipline
style of game, not allowing Madrid to create open chances on target. They were very defensive
but nevertheless, were ruthless on counters and on face to face chances. It was a very
disappointing game for Madrid who knows how important this game was over the title race, as
now they are 3 rd with 3 points behind their major rivals Catalan who is now comfortably leading
League B.
The biggest game of the day, was surprisingly the match between Selecao and Boca Junior.
One exciting match having them fighting all the way through for the 3 points. The game was
animated with spectacular goals. They both going head to head in every challenge, and scoring
one after the other to equalize every time their opponent taking the lead. During the last minute
of the second half, Boca junior equalized but conceded the winner goal scored by Rishi Rotty.
The last few seconds was even more vigorous as 2 red cards were shown after one of the Boca
Junior player rough played a Selecao Player who lost his temper right after.
League B still stays very open despite Catalan leading. Sky Blues secured the 2nd position with
7 points after a victory over L’esprit currently 4 th at 6pt just like Madrid. The coming week will be
again a decisive week in order for those 4 teams to take serious options over the title.

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