Week 5: Boca Junior Had Catalan in a Wrist Lock

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‘Every Champion was once a contender that refused to give-up’ – rocky Balboa.

Matchday 5 can be summarised with the above quote after watching how the underdogs performed on this specific day.

Boca Junior v Catalan was the toughest game of the day. Boca Junior started off strong by leading
constantly during the first half and beginning of the second half. They were leading the game 3-2 at
the beginning of the second half and had total control of the game but unfortunately they conceded
an arguable red card that changed the game. Down to 4 men, Catalan had an easier task allowing them to take advantage and coming out with a victory.

Richarno Colin, our national boxing champion, joined the action on this glorious Thursday evening to start off the first game with a victory of L’esprit over Stanley. L’esprit had a tougher start, leading by only a goal advantage at the end of the first half(3-2) but later on secured their 3 points after an enormous second-half ending the game at 8-4 final score.

Three Hat-tricks were recorded on Matchday 5, allowing Madrid, Friendship and Derby to secure
their 3 points. Andy luximon, from Madrid, again proved of how much of an opportunist he was over
a crushing 8-0 victory for his team. Ivan Achille and Nasser Saidoo, however brought both their
team to their first victory of the season with an impressive composure. They were key players throughout the match and did amazingly well in front of the goals.

Catalan, Madrid and Sky Blues Fc toping the leader boards, leaving L’esprit, Selecao after a
surprising defeat from Friendship, and the remaining teams to battle over the qualifying spot.
League B is still open as even the teams at the bottom, still have good chances of qualification.

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