Paname on Fire

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Matchday 5 started off with Three Stars crushing Man City. It was a vital game for both
teams as they were head to head in the race for the championship qualification. Three stars
secured a clean sheet despite conceding a penalty during the second half. It was a very close
game but nevertheless Three stars were very efficient in front of goals netting in 5.
Paname confirmed his supremacy over league A. The 2 Brothers, Yannick and Dany did
make another beautiful game. Paname proved himself very consistent defensively with
another clean sheet. They had total control over the game against Team Sky. Paname are
now leading and are currently in the safest position in order to get to the next stage of the

Fenerbache, Red Bulls and Three stars securing their qualification spots.

Fenerbache had a very difficult start with Tombeau FC but did take over the game after
scoring the first goal. Naeem, one of the best strikers of the tournament could not give his
usual performance but nevertheless did contribute a lot defencively. The outsanding
performance of the evening came from Oumed, from the Red Bulls. He scored and
incredible 6 goals in a match breaking the record of Naeem who had 5 on his counter
against Derby. Oumed proved to be an incredible leader for Red Bulls. Very consistent in his
form, he is always on the score sheet and coordinates his team wonderfully.
League A will definitely be a battle between Red Bulls and Paname but nevertheless after
Match Day 5, it is looking pretty safe for Paname, Fenernache, Red Bulls and Three Stars.

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