Matchday 6: Paname and Selecao showed composure of true champions

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Match Day 6: It started off with an overly easy 7-0 victory of Three Stars over Brethen Fc. Christopher La Fleur, one of the youngest players of this league, had an awesome game, scoring 4 goals with a signature celebration of his, giving us all the reason to compare him to the great Zlatan.
This victory took them to the 3rd spot of the league just behind Paname who had one hell of a game against Red Bulls.

‘You must keep your composure. Take charge of the Huddle. Be a leader. And silence the
crowd.’ Eric Thomas

Red Bulls started off strong. It took them not long before Houmayd got Red Bulls to the lead. It was
actually a very tough first half for Paname who couldn’t get any close to the goals of Red Bulls. The
defence was tight and discipline. After the beginning of the second half, both Paname and Red bull
kept pressing high. Red Bull nevertheless had a huge advantage, not only because they were leading but also because the whole crowd was only cheering for them and constantly dissing Paname. But Paname showed great composure and equalised, for them to take the lead seconds after their equaliser. Red Bull stayed in the race as they reacted by scoring a 2 nd but again Paname showed his supremacy by adding a third and closing the game ending it with a tight score of 3-2 for the leaders.


Paris FC started off amazingly as well. They were leading 4-1 against Selecao. Selecao just like
Paname, showed us of how important composure is when competing on such levels. After
conceding the 4 th goal at the beginning of the second half, they did not just give up like many would.
Instead they concentrated on the game, closing the gap at 4-3, five minutes before the end of the
game. At this specific point, they took over, controlling totally the game, allowing them to add
another 2 to the score board. This unbelievable win of 4-5 for Selecao allowed them to get into the
race for a qualifying spot as they have now equivalent points to Madrid who will be playing this
Fenerbache’s Naeem gain back his form after an amazing game against Man City. 11-3 was their
final score which now allows them to be 2nd just after Three stars with equal points. Paname Leads
with only a point ahead, having Red Bull down to 4 th spot after their face a face. These four teams
nevertheless did take serious options over league A. All Four are in a very comfortable position to
qualify for the next stage of the competition.

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