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Openfoot F5WC Terms of Participation

  1. All teams must pay in advance for the competition.
  2. The cost is Rs 2500 per team of 7 Players.
  3. There will be nationwide one day/ two days tournament qualifiers to be held at OpenFoot, Vacoas.  Winners and best place teams from the qualifiers will be invited to the National finals day at Openfoot, Vacoas on May 6th.
  4. 32 teams will take part in the finals.
  5. Tournaments will run on a group/round /knock out basis depending on the number of teams in the qualifier.  You will be informed of the format once the number of teams have been confirmed.
  6. 7 players (5 plus 2 subs) will be eligible for the F5WC China prize.
  7. Team names/phone numbers/emails must be valid and correct or team players will not be allowed to play in the tournament.  If you require amending your squad, after registration and before the tournament, then you may contact us with only a written request.
  8. Team captains shall be responsible for their respective teams.
  9. Open Foot reserves the right to re-structure the tournament if a team pulls out at a qualifier or finals day.
  10. Any team cancellations will result in a forfeit of payment
  11. The F5WC tournament is over 16s.
  12. Team captains will be required to register their respective teams online and shall be require to pay the entrance fee either by bank transfer/MCBJuice or by Cash at Openfoot Venue
  13. All teams entering must agree to abide by the F5WC rules, which will be emailed to team captains and participants at the start of the tournament. Failure to abide by the rules may result with expulsion from the league and no refund.
  14. No pro or semi-pro players under contract are allowed to participate in the F5WC.  The team will have to sign a disclaimer at the Finals in China, which will state that players representing the nation’s team are not professional/contracted footballers nor do they receive any kind of remuneration in exchange for their football services.  Any country that is in breach of this rule will be disqualified immediately from further participation at the finals.
  15. Players agree to take part in highlight video recordings for games at OpenFoot or at any other places so designated by OpenFoot, and hereby assign all copyright and any other intellectual property rights, which may be deemed to subsist in relation to the video or in the performances and the contributions made in or to the video for OpenFoot. Players hereby waive any so called moral rights that may be deemed to be vested in them under any Mauritian legislation in relation to performances and contributions to and participation in the video. Players hereby consent to performances and highlight being filmed and recorded and assign to OpenFoot all rights.
  16.  All teams must follow OpenFoot and F5WC tournament guidelines and rules.  A copy of tournament rules will be forwarded to the captain once confirmed registration.
  17. You MUST ALWAYS bring your ID to the qualifier to confirm your identification.
  18. The overall prize includes flights, accommodation, transfers, team kits and food in China for the global finals. OpenFoot is not funding the prize for the team to fly to China all expenses paid.  OpenFoot has been nominated as a Local organiser by F5WC.
  19. No team names that can be deemed offensive, or taking the name of a category competitor of the title sponsor.
  20. Team members may be contacted by OpenFoot by telephone, email, or text regarding fixtures, tournament news or upcoming tournament matches.
  21. There is limited availability for team registration and tournament will be arranged on a first come first serve basis.
  22. Once the tournament commences no refund will be given for any team pulling out of the competition.
  23. OpenFoot may from time to time, without prior notice, change the operating hours of the centre, close the centre or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to the centre, and/or suspend or cancel any activity if we consider that the circumstances so require.
  24. OpenFoot shall not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to person or property caused by or arising from directly or indirectly, the negligence, willful act or default, breach of statutory duty or breach of contract of the company, its servants, agents, licensees or invitees on or in the approaches of or to its property or property rented for the purposes of operating this tournament.
  25. The Team shall indemnify OpenFoot and keep them indemnified from and against all claims, demands and proceedings (and costs including legal costs associated with same) taken by tournament team members, in respect of any loss or injury sustained. In this regard, the tournament team captain or organizer will commit to informing all team members of the terms & conditions of this tournament.
  26. The Team hereby acknowledges, without prejudice to other clauses, that football is by definition a contact sport. OpenFoot shall not indemnify team players from any injury suffered in the use of the facilities.
  27. The person registering the team, by the act of so doing, will be Acting Team Captain and will be responsible for ensuring that he and the team fully understand all the entry terms & conditions and the playing rules of this tournament, and will be responsible for ensuring respect for the Referee and all his/her decisions.
  28. All games will be refereed and the referee’s decision will be final. The organisers reserve the right to review games with excessive behaviour and act appropriately if the match is not played in a sporting manner. OpenFoot will not tolerate rude or abusive language or the threat or use of violence towards other guests or its staff. Action to be taken may include up to and including expulsion of a player or the entire team from the tournament, if deemed to be in the best interest of the tournament.
  29. OpenFoot’s Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
  30. Participants acknowledge that they have read the terms and conditions, rules and regulations and undertake to comply with all the instructions provided. Participants agree that further instructions may be provided on the day of the competition.

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